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Crystal Faeries Nook

Pixie Tonic Fantasy Potion

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 Story "Label reads, Pixie Tonic: Heal any ailment with this pixie dust infused potion. Derived from real pixies.* No Pixies were harmed in the making of this potion. Warning: overuse can cause madness"

This beautiful color changing Elixir sits inside a glass bottle that has been decorated with hand-sculpted embellishments and using polymer clay. It is also decorated with a pastel pink yarn cord that holds a small amethyst flower cluster.

All Color change potions will be charged under the moon. A Vintage certificate will be issued stating the Moon phase and Zodiac is was Charged under.

The base color of the potion is a very pale/light green and changes to a gorgeous pink color with gold highlights when shaken. The potion settles back down to light green after some time. Usually between 30mins - 2 hrs.

 This Potion comes sealed securely. It cannot be opened. *This potion and story is fantasy and is not intended for human consumption and does not have a real ability to heal.

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  • you can request this bottle design empty if you'd like.

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Hand sculpted color change potion bottles, charged under the energy of the moon. Many styles available and custom commissions are currently OPEN! Request a custom

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