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Crystal Faeries Nook

Remembering Venus wall hanging ~ handsculpted

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Remembering Venus is a very special one of a kind piece that took me the longest out of any other piece I have sculpted thus far. You can find the art process video and chat here.

It was inspired by my soul memories of Venus.  Our earth is moving into its Venus expression in it evolution through the solar system. Humanity evolves along with our earth. Venus represents a higher version of the earth and a more evolved human form. 

This piece was created with the intention to activate feelings within you that will activate your own remembrance of Venus. We are multi dimensional beings with many soul expressions. Venus holds an important expression of our cosmic consciousness. If we can align with this energy we can gain more of our spiritual gifts, wisdom and align with the earths evolutionary timeline. 

Beautiful Rose bushes open up into an ethereal sky that leads to a cosmic portal. Whether you feel this activation within or you’re a simply inspired by the surrealism, this piece will make a beautiful addition to any home. 

The crystals used were Apophyllite and Rose Quartz. 


7 inches across the green rose bush

7.5 inches from the green bush to the tip of the rose quartz point.

12 inches from the tip of the chain where its hung, to the tip of the rose quartz point.

weight 1/4 pound 


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