Hi, My name is Amy. I'm a neurodivergent momma to 3 beautiful babies, 3 cats, a snake and a few bugs. I Initially started this shop to sell crystals and have expanded it to include my art. I started sculpting in 2020 as a way to cope with the pandemic and continued to do it as a side hobby. I decided that as much as I love sourcing and selling beautiful high frequency crystals(and I still do), I also had a desire to put my art into the world. I personally love anything that can bring magic into my life so I love creating art with that intention to help others bring more magic into their lives too. I am in a phase of my life where I am really stepping into my power, balancing the dark and light within and honoring my souls guidance to show me how I am supposed to show up and serve the world. This has brought on lots of changes with me and my business overtime and I suspect it is not the end of those changes.

I am an intuitive, a mystic and a channel. I make having a connection with spirit, the divine and embodying love a priority in my life. So I do my best to be conscious of the energy transfer between me and my pieces. I package my pieces with lavender to keep the artwork energetically protected and charged. Certain pieces like my water based potions get charged under the moon. Where ever I can incorporate magic and imbuing my pieces with positive energy, I try to do so. 

As of right now, My pieces are inspired by nature, enchanted landscapes, and mystical realms. I create because I love it. However, I do have lots of visions for the future. I aim to overtime build an intuitive art business that doesn't only create for fun, but actually channels pieces from higher dimensional realms and spirit journeys. I'd like to imbue my art with energy work, combined with the powerful energy of crystals and even incorporating light language and sacred codes into my talismans. I hope to one day move into a space where I am working one on one with beautiful souls all over the world, offering intuitive guidance and channeling one of kind energetic healing talismans tailored specifically for them. 

I feel so grateful and honored, that you are here right now checking out my page. I know that we crossed paths in this beautiful mystical universe for a reason. Even if you do not like or cannot support my art for whatever reason, I hope we can be friends and still support one another as human beings sharing this planet. With much love and appreciation. Thank you for being here <3