When Spirit Calls ~

I guess this has been a long time coming. Ever since I ran to the altar in christian church at just 15 years old I knew close to God is where I wanted to be. Despite feeling the energy of god in church, the teachings never aligned with what the energy felt like, Pure Love. 

None the less, that pure love I encountered was guiding me every step of the way since that moment. Through my dark moments, through my spiritual awakenings, through the beginning of motherhood. I made some very good choices, very bad choices and everything in between. Regardless of the messes I sometimes created in my life I don't regret a thing because I know that everything I've been through has led me here, to this moment.

I've never been more sure of where I am meant to be in life, other than right here. After my spiritual Awakening in 2015 shortly after the birth of my first daughter, I expanded my consciousness rather quickly through what I believe to have been a kundalini awakening. For a few years after, I was diving deep in spiritual courses, intuitive development, meditation etc. I wanted to understand spiritual science. I wanted to form a deeper connection with god and spirit, so I did. I felt on fire, I resonated with being a starseed (though almost all of us are in some way or another) but I truly felt connected to my soul mission and just knew deep in my bones I incarnated to raise the vibration of the planet through spreading true love, compassion, kindness and learning to embody more of my higher self in this lifetime. I also knew I wanted to make helping others a part of my career. I grew a love for channeling, astral travel, connecting to spirit guides and wanted to do it professionally. What I didn't know was when, or how.

I also wasn't aware of the fact that shortly after I would fall into a "Dark Night of the soul" starting in 2017 and I would be tested like no other. My relationship was tested, my relationship with family was tested, I experienced obstacle after obstacle. It's one thing being able to connect to spirit guides and receive messages, and it's another thing being able to apply them to transform and alchemize your life. It's one thing to have spiritual understanding and it's another thing to achieve spiritual embodiment. These obstacles were my souls way of saying, "If you aim to spiritually help others, you have to understand what its like to transform yourself first from the ashes" I am no where near where I wanna be, but I'm on the timeline thats taking me there. Transformation happens everyday with each baby step.

When I first began my Crystal shop in 2021 it wasn't my highest calling but it was something I loved so much and it was the path I needed to be on because I knew there were still somethings I was working on within myself before I could show up and be of service to others in the ways that I wanted to. Fast forward to now, I've made lots of shifts within my life where I feel so aligned in my truth that I can feel that passion for crystals, although still alive within me, starting to take a back seat. It's become harder and harder for me each day to show up and make content. My spirit has made is very clear it is time for a shift, so I'm showing up. I'm answering the call. I'm excited for this new phase in my spiritual development. I'm excited to dive into my intuitive and healing abilities fully and intentionally. And I am so beyond excited to be able to do it with my Crystal Faeries Nook fam. I hope ya'll are too!<3

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