The big question... Are our Crystals Ethically Sourced?

I feel like this question gets thrown around a lot in the crystal community with many shops saying "yes" simply because their wholesaler says they are without taking the time to really consider what it truly means to be ethical.

I like to say my crystals are consciously sourced. Meaning I try my best to ask questions of all my wholesalers and follow my intuition based on what they say. Crystals touch many hands from mining, to cutting, polishing there is no way to verify 100% its ethical all the way through. To provide that sort of detailed documentation would be expensive. Many times when buying from all over the world, Brazil, Africa , Indonesia etc there is a language barrier when discussing these topics as well. Unless I was personally there at the time of mining and followed the stone all the way through processing I will not claim 100% ethically sourced because I am not 100% sure.

I have developed great relationships with my wholesalers, they share my love for crystals and many of them are family based and have their own processing factories and work directly with the miners. I trust my intuition about working with them and feel good in my choices but I am an honest person and will not claim something I cannot prove just for sales. 

Some other things to consider

When It comes to crystal mining and the huge problem it can cause the earth. Many times mining for metaphysical stones isn't the problem. Small businesses arnt the problem. Most of us are trying our best.

The true problem, is Billion dollar corporations like Apple, Microsoft and make up companies. Quartz Crystals are mass produced for things like phones, laptops and other electronics. Small business and small scale wholesalers do not have nearly the impact these large corporations do. No billion dollar company is ethical. And this also applies to clothing shoes, you name it. There is so much attention on the ethics of crystals without looking to see other areas that are un ethical. If we're shopping from Walmart, target, most retail at the mall etc were buying unethical clothing that have been mass produced. Can we all afford to only buy ethical clothing? No, usually they're expensive. It's a very privileged thing to do.

I strongly feel that our focus as a society, as a community, should be taken off small families, small businesses doing our best to live and survive in this world. Not all of us are privileged enough to take ethics into consideration in ever area of our lives and we shouldn't be scrutinized for it. The focus should be placed right back on the people who do have to power and money to make changes but don't. Our government, and these billion dollar companies.

I hope you guys understand the point I am trying to make. I say this with my whole heart, I really am trying to my best to make conscious decisions, ask questions, and provide you guys with crystals with great energy. However, I do understand if that is not sufficient enough for you. You are free to make your choices as well. Much love to you all.