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Crystal Faeries Nook

40% OFF AAA grade Polished Enhydro Quartz

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Enhydro Quartz

Enhyrdos are crystals or stones the grew with water bubbles, sometimes oil or dirt that is moving inside.The water inside these crystals has been kept pure from the contaminants of human-kinds industrial pollution. This makes it an ideal crystal to use for those seeking purity – be that purity of mind, body or soul. This water is literally the elixir of life and contains all the purity of the original divine plan. One may meditate with Enhydro Quartz crystals with a focus on connecting with this divine plan. Enhydro Quartz provide a very clear and direct link to the Akashic Records.

Working with enhydro quartz is very good for cleansing and purging built up toxicity from ones entire physical system. Using this crystal in elixir form facilitates deeper levels of both cleansing the body and working spiritually with the pure energy enhydro crystals provide.